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Choosing your radiator cover

When choosing your radiator cover there are four things to consider. The style of the cover, the style of the grille, measuring the radiator that you are covering and the price.

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The Covers
High Cross Joinery designs and makes three different types of radiator cover. The Standard, The Knebworth and The Hertford. Each created with a variety of different grille designs..

The Standard
This is the cheapest radiator cover available from High Cross Joinery and with its simple lines and choice of grilles it would not look out of place in any home. There is also a choice of finishes from plain MDF, painted or veneer.

photo of standard cover

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The Knebworth
This range has a slightly more elegant finish with extra craftsmanship, for example it comes with a hinged front that opens so that a radiator can be easily accessed. It is the mid priced radiator cover and as with The Standard Range comes with a choice of different grilles and finishes.

photo of knebworth cover

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The Hertford
With the extra luxury of a removable hinged front panel the Hertford radiator cover is the top of the range and offers the benefit of being able to get to the radiator without moving the cover. As with the other styles this radiator cover comes with a large choice of different grilles and finishes to suit your home.

Photo of Hertford cover

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We have found that the choice of grille is very important to our customers. It is with this in mind that we have a large selection of hardboard panels as shown below.

We also supply grilles in brass and aluminium in some of the same designs as below if you would like more information please call us on 01920 466522 or e-mail us at

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45% open

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