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To order your radiator cover 3 dimensions are required:-

(A) The length of your radiator plus 100mm (4") - this should include valves
(B) The height of your radiator plus 50mm (2")
(C) The depth measure from the wall behind the radiator to the front of radiator plus 50mm (2")

This diagram shows an average radiator. The dimensions you supply are (A), (B) and (C).Please note that before you order a radiator cover from us you should have chosen your grille style, whether you need an area cut out for a skirting board, if you would like fluting or rosettes and if you would like the cover painted then what colour.


The radiator cabinets are priced per foot or part of and are fully assembled and include delivery with 25 miles of our showroom.

Cover Type
(for more info about this cover click here)
(for more info about this cover click here)
(for more info about this cover click here)
Plain MDF cabinet
£13.50(per foot)
£25.50(per foot)
£30.00(per foot)
Painted Cabinet
£34.50(per foot)
£46.50(per foot)
£51.00(per foot)
Veneer Cabinet
£28.50(per foot)
£40.00(per foot)
£45.00(per foot)
Lacquer Veneer Cabinet
£49.00(per foot)
£61.00(per foot)
£66.00(per foot)
Extras, such as, clips and fitting of skirting board

For example, the radiator below costs £45, is 40 inches wide and made from plain MDF from the Standard Range.


Radiator covers can be carefully packed and posted and the extra charge is per foot which is shown in the table below.

Distance from showroom
(in miles)
Cost of postage and packing
0 - 25
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